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celebrate the iron man they are touched by his passing. we are live outside camden yards where people are coming in to the stadium and are battling mixed emotions. okay looks like we are having difficulty? okay. we will skip ahead to page 109 i'm being told in my ear. reaction to the death as we said is being reported tonight. we will check in with jamie in just a second here. >> its clear when you arrive at the castle and seat flags at half staff that the ravens are moving about with heavy hearts. today they shared the heaviness of their heart. >> all the e-mails, and all the phone calls, i have gotten some -- people, uh, the impact he had in my life, he had a
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major impact in their life too. >> i think he is a really big reason why the sports are popular today and that's what i mean beyond the impact he had on two franchises. just the impact he had on the whole nfl and bringing the tv. >> the only reason i'm in baltimore is because of him. only reason ravens have a team is because of him. only reason a lot of sacrifices that happened throughout the league is because of him. any time you can leave a legacy like that you know we -- we shouldn't mourn, we do but we should celebrate him. he is one of the most great men i have met in my life. for us to be in there i'm sure he knew and -- his eyes were open looking up at us and all of us around him at -- before we left just talking to him and praying with him. you know and ray just talked to him while we were right there. it was great just being there
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to see him off. >> one thing you think about when i think of life and death is how you end up going and he went peacefully. >> reporter: a >> a man who lived his life so well and you know he is in good stead with our savior and to be there and be a part of that is beyond description. >> to see those people in that room -- to see them salute art, talking to him, was powerful. >> i think one of the greatest moments is bringing him the  lombardi trophy and us up on that stage and he was a great great man. >> thank you for having me. >> i'm lamont williams. abc 2news.
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>> we are live right now at camden yards and i haven't seen a crowd like this in years. look at from here all the way to the gate and they just opened it up as we reveal the cal rip tin statue. i want to give you the tribute we give to art. we have just learned art's casket will be put on the field at the stadium this saturday from 11 until 1:00. you are adviced to park for trophy will be along the body on the field at the stadium. what a silent tribute that will be for all of us on saturday. now i want to read what steve, the owner of the baltimore ravens had to say about his good friend here today, art. he was my friend, mentor, how fortunate i am to have had him teach me about the nfl. we will work to live up to his standards. it's beyond football what art did for our city and for that
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part of the story and how he helped the city let's go live across the street to roosevelt where stadium wasn't there 17 years ago. >> reporter: they coming from over there. >> they couldn't do [inaudible]. . >> reporter: all right. we will hear from him in just a minute. also the tributes coming in. we heard from the governor, the governor also reacting to the passing today of the former baltimore ravens owner and he said in part respected by his players and loved by his family and baltimore football fans, art brought the game and spirit of football back to baltimore. the governor went onto say he helped bring back the sense of pride in the city and also their team. that was from the governor who still is in charlotte for the democratic national convention. let's go back to rosie at the
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stadium. >> reporter: art's legacy here is more than just about football. it's about being a good corporate citizen, being kind and helping many causes throughout the area and being a friend of the city. let me show you what i'm talking about. this is one of the many projects art and his wife helped sponsor. the school in southwest baltimore. a gift from the family helped them build this private boarding school. its been a very big success. the first class will graduate in two years and then they took in another one this year. many of the kids here would have never had a chance to go to a school like this without the family. also another big gift to the city, went to the lyric theater. a 2.5 million dollar donation helped them modernize. then they could take in a
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different breed of show. if you knew them they both had big hearts and were good friends to this city. >> just said -- huge love and their hearts, it extended to the baltimore community beyond. they cared about people and their welfare and their government. they would do things and many people don't know about it to this day. >> reporter: let me give you a list of some of the places they did help out with. the saint vincent society, the o starks big brothers and big sisters, the foundation to fight blindness, the boy's and girl's club. the list goes on longer than my arm. that's how deep a good corporate citizen that the couple were to this city. the funeral will be held here on saturday. we will have more details about
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that coming up. reporting live. abc 2news. >> all right the orioles family is remembering art tonight. right before the first pitch there will be a moment of silence before the orioles play the yankees. peter said that art was a national football league visionary and pioneer who impact continues to this day. he and his late wife were committed to helping as they were to professional football, to baltimore and beyond. that's from art, about his life from the owner of the orioles. there will be a moment of silence. right now the gates have opened, it feels good doesn't it? >> yes. >> reporter: for the first time in years just take a look at fans. these fans have deserved a night like this hello this is what september means man. this is what it's all about. we will honor cal ripkin
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because it was 17 years ago this very night that cal broke the record of 2131 and this is when he ran along -- the warning track and slapped everybody's hands. we are still talking about it. one of the great moments in baltimore sports history. they will reveal his statue tonight alongside of frank's, alongside of palmer's and one more to go and that's brooks robinson. he will be here tonight. look the -- cal, that is 17 years old. that placard. an old friend of minute. mike was there -- you can believe it? >> it's the bingest game in 15 years and so great to see all these kids. half of them -- all of them have never seen a winning team if you are 15 and under. it's great to see baltimore get so pumped up and the ravens starting on monday, it's outstanding for the city. >> reporter: no yankee fans.
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do you see any? >> that's the big thing. no stinking yankee fans. >> reporter: feels good. we will cover this coming up at about 5:15. the cal ripkin revealing of the statue. cal will be inside. he will speak but this crowd is ready. look at that brim. that's the straight brim. you ready for this? excited? >> yeah. >> reporter: good deal. all right. we will send it back to you. very excited, baltimore city and again on the other hand we are heartbroken over loss of art. >> in years past when we would have a sale out crowd they said it would be more yankee fans than orioles. >> reporter: i didn't see a pin stripe off that light-rail, or coming out of the hotel. everything is orange and black. that's the way we like it. >> we will send it over to wyatt. >> the old days down there at
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cam ben. good stuff. weather has been holding up for the big night at camden. heavy showers in ocean city.lower eastern shore and say few isolated showers to the west. i think for the most part most of the west of the evening should remain dry. we have clearing from west to east happening across the state and the midatlantic. that will set the stage for better weather into the day on friday. again getting in to the clear zone so to speak for about a day, day and a half by saturday afternoon. that will change again though. rest of the evening, 80s and just a stray shower but i think for the most part things will stay dry at camden. we will talk about how things develop through the weekend. >> thank you. just into the newsroom a jury convicted drew peterson of killing his third wife. meet he is charged with the 2004 murder. he faces a 60 years in jail. her body was found in her
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bathtub in 2004. authorities first ruled that the death was accintal. her death was reclassified after peterson's 23-year-old 4th wife disappeared. tonight the hartford county sheriff mourning after a deputy died in a single car crash along route 1. the governor has also ordered the state's flags to fly at half staff in honor of the corporal. we have more on what happened. >> reporter: on a lonely stretch of the road in the early hours of the morning a deputy with the hartford county sheriff's office lost control of his car and then lost his life as it slammed into a nearby tree. >> we are trying to recreate the moments from the time he came to work until this accident. this time he -- the evidence seems to indicate he was on his way home.
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>> reporter: the sheriff said a passerby sought wreck just south the bridge on route 1 and called it in using the deputy's radio. the victim had spent much of his adult life with the agency. he comes a long line of law enforcers including a father who was retired as a baltimore city homicide detective and member of the aberdeen police department as well as a younger brother. >> something that has me concerned is that his brother also works for us as a deputy sheriff. so, this is -- this is kind of i guess you could say a double hit for the agency. not only are we dealing the death of one of our own but having to -- having a family member who works for us who we have to -- look after too. >> reporter: this is just the third line of duty death in the agency's history. the sheriff said many of the same men and women on the force who shared in the deputy a life stuck by him in death. >> we have our investigation
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team there. some of them knew him well. they are doing the accident reconstruction with him still in the vehicle. the deputies that arrived with in a short period of time after the call came in, stayed with him the entire time. we were finally able to remove him from the vehicle our deputies carried him to the van and from the van they went with him to the medical examiner. . >> reporter: in tribute buntings will be on headquarters, and deputies badges carry black bands, showing their loss. abc 2news. >> the corporal's family has could he be buried full honors. details still coming on that. unexpected connection to two stories we first told you
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about yesterday on the news at five. turns out the police officer caught pistol whipping a teen is part of a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the sheriff. we have details onto link. >> reporter: when we showed the shocking video we had no idea that the cop at the center of this controversy was the husband of the woman suing the sheriff. the corporal donald taylor is facing charges for what happened on the tape earlier this year. he is seen hitting on that tape a 19-year-old in the face with a gun. taylor first said the tina assaulted him and tried to take his weapon but the tape shows difference. that officer has been charged with assault and making false statements to confirmed taylor of two plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the sheriff gary hoffman. in there the couple -- said the
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wife was harass by the sheriff's brother and that the sheriff did nothing. we talked to the sheriff yesterday. he said he had no knowledge of any issues between the twoon though his brother was convicted of assault involving murphy taylor. we continuing to look into both cases. >> thank you. it was a bank heist that sound like a movie. how robbers got away with real money and what the fbi is doing to find them. everybody wants to savor time and money when they head to the grocery story. find out about the tools you can use to shop smarter. and katie is almost here. the premiere on monday. we get a look at her talk with wendy williams. ?v37tuoĆ³
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. we are just days the premiere of the new show katie that will air here on abc2
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monday. she will recover everything from the latest health headlines to breaking news. tonight we will give you a sneak peek at her new show. >> hi. on my new show we will talk about a wide variety of topics, some days we will deal with serious issues like dating violence and on other days we will lighten it up and just have some fun. we have an hour planned about our obsession with hair which some woman would record as a serious issue. one of my guest social security one of my favorite people, the woman of a thousand wigs, wendy williams. here is a sneak peek. >> you are very, very particular about your wig. i have -- i asked her identify could put on own of them and she abilitied like i wanted to put on her underwear. i was -- you were -- very weird and i tried to touch it. >> yes. >> came on your show and she doesn't want anybody up in her wig. >> only because -- you know like i make a lot of jokes
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about them and i -- everybody know that i wear them. >> snacks in there. >> here is the thing. if you wear a wig because you have gone through chemo or because it's a real thing you aren't wearing it for costume. >> she is very funny and very serious about her wigs. you can seat rest of the interview including her revelation about why she wears them on a hair racing hour in the premiere week. have a great day and see you for the debut of katie on september 10th. >> all very excited here at abc2. she will be on every weekday. with we will have more on what you can expect tomorrow. you can find more information. head to abc 2news any time and there you will get a sneak peek. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> all right.
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weather wise, things have been holding up. there have been heavy weather on the lower eastern shore here and heavy rain from basically talbot -- those areas starting to clear out and as we check out central maryland there isn't much precipitation. just a couple stray showers, toward frederick. i think for the next several hours as we look to downtown and all the festivals with the cal ripkin statue dedication so far at least conditions are looking good for that. just a little damp in the rain. weather earlier from today. ellicott, showing clouds and showers, a kind of dreary day but late day sun breaking through summit ridge under the clouds, now clears, baltimore itself, everybody headed down for the game right now. things are looking up to see
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skies brightening over the city. current conditions, at pwi. 80 degrees. it'll be muggy tonight. should be good to help the ball carry. temperature wise, mid80s. low 70s on the shore with rain cooling, high humidity, big humidity over the midatlantic holding tough in to the early days of september. there is dryer air up toward the pittsburgh area and that is going to sink in a little bit and make a difference tomorrow. especially dryer air for sunday through early next week including a ravens game day on monday night. there is that line of heavy shower that we were dealing earlier today and again the heaviest of the rain down through southern maryland and the lower eastern shore. the chances for rain looking pretty minimal tonight. just a stray shower possible and friday, just a stray shower or two possible would be generally dry, early saturday but looks what happens saturday
5:23 pm
afternoon and evening. raw moisture and a boundary out of the west. i think it could be a real soaker saturday night. that orioles, yankees game in question i believe. saturday evening though, sunday looks okay for the afternoon game. active weather pattern up and down the east coast. what's left of our disturbance isaac could redevelop . double hurricanes in the atlantic, michael and leslie, the power house storm that's less and less of a threat for bermuda. tonight down in theo's muggy, tomorrow 90, early fog. main weather woes sunny and hot. tomorrow night partly included cloudy, nothing more than a stray shower and the outlook not so bad here. the best chance for showers and storms coming in late saturday. saturday afternoon, saturday evening and that could last into sunday morning. better weather sunday afternoon into monday night for the ravens. of all of the sporting events here, yankees and ravens money
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think the biggest question is saturday afternoon and evening. >> i can deal with a little bit of rain. we can beat the yankees any wait a minute. >> you know eating healthy while it wos can sometimes be a challenge. we have tips on how to snack smarter when you are on the job. and you want your kids to share with their classmates but not their germs. what you can do to help prevent the spread of germs in the classroom.
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. you know usually pretty good about making healthy food choices but you could ruin your diet by skipping meals or grabbing unhealthy snacks at work. it's a good idea to preplan your snacks for the entire workweek and keep a staple on hand for days when you don't have time to run out and get
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lunch. >> keep a can opener, tuna and you have yourself a lunch if you get stuck at your desk for the day. you don't want to skip eating, that's another bad thing to do as far as trying to maintain your weight. >> healthy snack portions, maybe celary, fruit, high fiber or a cup of dry healthy cereal. if you do get hungry after lunch it's always a good idea to get a glass of water. that will help. you know kids are sharing more than just their lunches during the school day. they also pass on germs, classroom and daycare settings are ideal for spreading viruses, there are things to decrease the risk. one of the best defenses is hand washing, also hand sanitizer if try to get them in the habit of wiping down their desktops with wipes at the
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start of every day. also stress the importance of covering the mouth with your elbow when you sneeze. you know we will go back to talk act the man who brought football back to baltimore. more on how the city is remembering art. and the fbi is searching for two bank robbers today. how they pulled off the elaborate plot to hold up a bank. and you know you want to shop smart when you head to the we will introduce you to a app that will help your wallet and your waist line.

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